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Omega Mirror Products supplies Antique Mirror to some of the most recognized architectural and design professionals, furniture manufacturers and glass wholesalers. The vast array of applications for our product includes commercial architectural wall coverings, furniture inlays, cabinetry, hotel wall coverings, entertainment venues, framed mirrors, kitchen and bar backsplashes.

Antique Mirror

Our Antique Mirror is designed for a variety of applications, including furniture, frames, wall coverings and other architectural applications. Omega Mirror Products Antique Décor Mirrors are handcrafted using silvering techniques passed down for generations.

Mirror Disco Ball

Mirror Disco Ball

Omega Mirror Products manufactures the highest quality Mirror Disco Balls in the world. We use only real glass mirror squares and top quality for materials. All Mirror Disco Balls are handcrafted in the U.S.A.

prisma mirror

Prisma Mirror

Prisma Mirror Tile, available exclusively from Omega Mirror Products, offers design possibilities like no other wallcovering. Prisma is flexible, real glass mirror that can make a room glitter with subtle images of light and color, and is adaptable to most any wall surface configuration.

Download our Antique Mirror Brochure

Interested in adding antique mirror to your space? Our brochure features a wide range of antique mirror styles, from classic to modern. And we offer a convenient sample service so you can find the perfect match for your space. Simply browse through the brochure, find the mirror you like and then call us or visit our website to order a sample. With our antique mirror brochures, finding the perfect mirror for your home has never been easier.