Discover the reflective elegance of Omega Mirror Products in our blog, where we showcase the latest in mirror design and decor trends. From antique mirrors enhancing outdoor spaces to iconic disco balls adding sparkle to celebrity homes, get inspired by some of the unique and luxurious creations our products have been featured in. Join us for a glimpse into the world of high-end mirror artistry.

Mirror Disco Ball

The Disco Ball Renaissance: Navigating the Resurgence with Industry Expertise 

In the interplay of light, the disco ball transcends time, linking the vibrancy of ’70s discotheques with the artistic innovation of today.

Antique Décor Mirrors on a Patio

The Art of Antique Mirrors in Outdoor Design by Omega Mirror Products 

Omega Mirror Products’ antique mirrors bring a touch of timeless luxury to outdoor spaces, recently featured in The Wall Street Journal for their elegance and sophistication.

Mirror Disco Balls for RuPaul

Omega Mirror Products in RuPaul’s Glamorous Beverly Hills Home

Omega Mirror Products’ disco balls bring a dazzling touch to RuPaul’s Beverly Hills home, as envisioned by AD100 designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

Yoland Baker Making a large Disco Ball in the 1970s

Omega Mirror Products: Keeping the Disco Ball Spinning

Step into the disco era with Omega Mirror Products, where the legacy of the disco ball is kept alive by the skilled hands of America’s Queen of Disco Balls, Yolanda Baker.